About the Insight250

Over the past four decades, mTab has been at the epicenter of market research and data-driven marketing with a unique perspective on worldwide leadership and innovation across the industry. To celebrate the pioneers and innovators we launched the Insight250 in 2021, a ‘who’s who’ of academic, enterprise, agency, technology, consulting and media leaders in research and insights.

The selection process is conducted with ESOMAR, a premier global market research association, and reviews a spectrum of candidate dimensions, including professional experience, academic accomplishments, published research, thought leadership, industry involvement, insight innovations and sector accolades, among others.

The Insight250 Legends are insight industry experts who have made a long-standing, indelible impact on the industry and beyond through innovation, leadership, commitment, or other contributions. The selection process considers a wide array of factors, including an industry vote.

We believe it is long overdue to celebrate these individuals and their impressive contributions to market research, data-driven marketing, innovation intelligence and enterprise insights. As such, we proudly presented the inaugural Insight250 list in 2021 and announced annual winners in 2022 and 2023. This ‘who’s who’ presents many of the premier pioneers, developers and leaders of insight innovations worldwide. The selection process was overseen by a panel of insight, marketing and research professionals with input from our internal experts. A spectrum of dimensions were reviewed, including professional experience, academic accomplishments, publication contributions, thought leadership, industry involvement, insight innovations and sector accolades, among others. Since the vast array of these individuals' accomplishments is nearly impossible to comparatively rank, we present these innovators alphabetically.


ESOMAR champions the research, insights and analytics sector worldwide.
Founded in 1947, the global membership association is a network reaching over 50,000 professionals and 750+ companies in 130+ countries. We support our global community through raising ethical standards, facilitating education, advocating with legislators, sharing best practices, promoting evidence-based solutions for decision-makers, and ensuring the values of honesty, transparency and objectivity are applied to all data sources.

About mTab

mTab is a leading provider of data-driven customer intelligence and market research solutions. The mTab Insight Cloud platform, awarded Best Data Solution by Market Research Society, empowers hundreds of brands with seamless access to explore, analyze, visualize and unlock the value of insights data. On the Insight Cloud, companies unite siloed data and access and securely share governed information, delivering enhanced understanding to empower decisions and deliver exceptional experiences.